"Smashing Glass" (new song from the upcoming "Glasslight Schwarzfaçade" LP)

by Stolearm

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"Smashing Glass" is the first single of the forthcoming album "Glasslight Schwarzfaçade"


released October 28, 2012

Luhje Dall'Aglio : Voice and Programming, Alesis Micron Pads, Atmospheres, Synthguit, Oversaturated Guitars, Electronic Drums, Broken Glass Bottles solo

Julien Assié : Melodic and Rythmic Guitar,

Cover Art designed by Luhje Dell'Eglio
Pictures are taken by Laurent Fidelle, from the upcoming video for the single




Stolearm Montpellier, France

Rigid and wrecked up, drifting in a kind of foetal Pop, numb, blur and dripping, coulourful but dark; The Synthrock EBM Shoegaze Industrial New wave project Stolearm started in 2004 with the debut album "The Cave", with influences such as Yello, Younggods, Cure, NIN, JoyDiv., Residents, Neubauten, MybloodyValentine, CabaretVolatire, Suicide, The Orb, etc. A pop kernel with an agressive shell ... more

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Track Name: Smashing Glass (on the window pane)
( Top floor, under the roof, Commercial feel, a lousy band, mock them and die we'll need to die, extatic laugh the pane of glass, put all the shit and the shame trough magnificent sparkles splinters rubble crumbs nature was much more impressive than this corrosive deception Wake avec le burning skin How many degrees in her Liquid ? debris all over the piste d'aterissage Drink a pure cup of light bowls ringing much more better than others expectations reveil allein messy room drauBen escape holes in the metal bleep timer graphical main issue what's this for optical to choose alleviate the room with fumes and burning rituals doing something clean with 4 fingers only lean and attempt, another word is on the line )
A bed, a window pane, a looking glass spreads the sun ... stare at this picture ! Itchy skin on my itchy seat that belongs to the one you know ... let's solve it after I do remember the fake smiles It's a lot better with an axe Rays of light colours the failure, the light pierce but I couldn't make any hole You can smash your glass on the window pane Water Vapour Trashbin Cereals Raw lunch 8 a.m I nearly touch the schwarzfaçade the prison of a burning sun all the silly hopes I've built around this perfect skin I don't want you anymore mystic contemplation for a neutral situation Et le verre needs to be leer refilling mit much more grapes ( and then she fell from her chair ) the spheres devour her shape She was taking somnifères, hunger pushes me to scrape ( waiting so much days , beware ) but I just need something to stare at The light pierce from part to part, but I couldn't make any hole remember the fake smiles, It's a lot better with an axe Commercial feel It explodes He's Watching The Moutain

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